What is the educational background of the teaching staff?

As mentioned in Amy’s biography, she has trained and preformed on the largest stages the dance world has to offer. From Amy’s college degree to her post graduate studies and performances, Amy has truly “Danced the Difference” in her career.

Do all the classrooms have sprung floors?

A sprung floor is one that has an underlay of high-density foam blocks every six inches. At NRDA, our floors are constructed in this manner for added safety and stability. The type of floor that we use cuts down on the stress to the ankles, knees and hips and helps prevent injuries and fatigue to these joints. You are welcome to jump on our floors, and note they are slightly “springy”, yet firm, to allow for proper dance technique. AT NRDA we strive to ensure every aspect of your child’s dance experience is a positive experience, from state of the art floors, to world class training, we have all of the bases covered.

Is the staff friendly and are staff members good role models for my children?

NRDA is family owned and operated and we try to present positive images to you and your children. We pride ourselves to be the best on and off the dance floor, thus helping us teach our students that it is more than just dance, this is a creative, fun, and positive experience.

Is there an end-of-the-year recital or Performance?

At NRDA, we have an annual recital in a high school auditorium. We have shows that last about one hour and fifteen minutes. We try to have a good balance of numbers so that the performances are entertaining beyond the number of your own favorite dancer. Our lighting, scenery, and music are professionally done. We do not charge a recital fee, but we sell recital tickets for about the cost of a movie. In addition, we have a free recital program in which parents and businesses can purchase ads honoring their favorite dancers.

Set Costume Fee.

Our costume fee is just $85.00 per child per dance. We offer this to our parents to keep costs down and also have a budget for your family set out in advance.

Does the studio have a competition team?

At NRDA we like to see how we stack up against other studios, both locally and nationally. It gives us great pride to know that we can compete successfully with any dance studio in the country. Dancers attend regional and national competitions and dance conventions, where they receive instruction from some of the finest dancers and performers in the nation. Contact the studio for more information on the competition team.